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Hi Monica, I just read your book and I miss home…I moved to Australia for love and could not get a better hubby! But reading your book makes me yearn for Mumbai street food. I hope my daughter will appreciate her heritage!

I couldn’t wait to finish your book – it was well written and kept me interested on what was next – great book!

Hi Monica,
For a change here is a guy posting a comment on your guestbook! I worked in US for couple of years some time back. And since I also read a wide variety of books and magazines, I could fully relate to ur narrative of the experiences of the Desi crowd in North America. U have captured the nuances of the difference in psyche between the first and 2nd generation of emigrants very well. Excellent portrayal of the characters! Very realistic indeed. Look forward to reading more of ur books.

Hi Monica

Just read the book on my kindle and loved it-. I was born and brought up in India and now am in Canada . The book is well written and I can’t wait to try your recipes. Would love to see a bollywood movie based on your book- and of course more books.


Hi Monica

Just read you book . I have it on my Kindle and I know I will read it again. I am dying to try out all the recipes.Would love to see a Hindi movie based on the book – Is there any on the pipeline?
I have been outside India for 10 years and like all Indians worry about our kids losing our culture and values. Loved your book– waiting for more

Hi Monica, I’ve just finished reading the Hindi-Bindi Club, and immediately felt compelled to log onto your website and leave this message. I see from the long list of compliments on this page, that you’ve struck a chord with a lot of people with this novel. Personally I found it endearing, confirming, and celebratory. I am a 24-year-old first generation Brit, and my parents emigrated from Lahore 30 years ago. I have seen myself and my parents in so many of these characters, and I love the philosophical and inspiring pursuits of each character. Thank you for writing something that has made us all laugh, cry and rediscover some of the best things about recipes from our heritage! Looking forward to the next book.

Monica–Your book reflects much wisdom and insight. One sentence I especially liked was “Just because people don’t love you the way you want, doesn’t mean they don’t love you the best they can.” I cited that sentence on Facebook (with attribution, of course) and got the most comments I’ve ever had. It seemed to help people accept their less-than-perfect relationships. I also connected with your book as a 1st generation American. I emigrated to the U.S. with my parents from Hong Kong in the late 1960’s when I was seven. I experienced similar struggles as Kiran growing up in the U.S. with my parents attempting to ensure that I retained my Chinese heritage. My upbringing has certainly affected how I’ve chosen to raise my 3 children ranging in age from 9 to 19. On a different note, you’ve inspired me to take action and schedule in time around my ‘day job’ so that I can follow my dream to write a novel. I’m glad I bought your book so I don’t have to give it back to a library. Looking forward to your next book!

I really liked your book!
Michela from Italy

Dear Monica,

I finished yesterday to read your beautiful book, and now I miss everybody so much! Kiran, Preity, Rani, Meenal…they were a sort of friends for me during my train trips to work! Thanks for the book and for the quotations at the beginning of each chapter.

Katia from Italy

Hi Monica,
I am a 17 year old girl who just read your book and I loved it. I am a books-reader (I read a lot of books). Most of the books I’ve read I liked, a lot, but your book just spoke to me, it moved me in such a way, and I loved it. I am not Indian, or American, nut from a small country in Africa. Still, I recognize myself in the characters, because I move around a lot, and I see and live different cultures, without knowing so well my own. I got your book from my school’s library and I don’t want to give it back. Thank you a lot for this wonderful book that is, in French, “un chef-d’oeuvre.”

Hi Monica,
Loved your book. Thanks for wonderful story and the recipes. Though I haved lived in India all my life, I could still relate to all your characters and their emotions. A very heart-warming story indeed.

Monica, I was very impressed with the book. It was a book that my mom, mother-in-law, cousins and I all could relate to in different ways. I have spent the last 14 years in the US but continue to be “bi-cultural” and want to raise my children similarly. Thanks for the great novel.

I bought the ‘Hindi-Bindi Club’ in 2007. Yes, I love buying books that I sometimes read almost a decade later… what can I say!!
I’m reading the book right now and I absolutely love it. I love it so much I feel guilty leaving it on my book shelves for so long!
Can’t wait to read the next one! :)

I love how your book addresses the pull between multiculturalism and tradition. When Kiran’s father sarcastically asks about including traditions of Jewish, Muslim, Jain, etc. in her and John’s wedding, I laughed out loud. My Sri Lankan husband and I had a ceremony with Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist pieces – the 5 religions that are central to the lives of us through our families and friends.

To be honest I alternated between laughing and crying through the entire book. As I read it during a 12 hour flight, I’m sure the passengers around me must have thought I was losing it.

Looking forward to trying some of the recipes.

I just finished reading ‘The Hindi-Bindi Club’ like a minute ago and I loved it so much. It grabbed me as soon as I picked it off the shelf. This book has personal significance for me, as it does to all those others who have commented. But briefly my story: I’m a 22-year-old New Zealander (western culture) and my boyfriend/fiance is Indian/Punjabi, and my name is Monica too!!! I have learnt more about Indian culture, and it has reinforced things I already knew. I’m sure I will read it again and it will have different meaning for me as we go onto the next life stages, marriage, family, and when I get to go to India!!

If I marry into an Indian family (and it will most probably happen), I’ve got some idea about the customs of Indian culture my beloved man is not capable of telling. I have been searching for book like this for couple of years. Thank you.

Dear Monica,

I just finished reading your book. I cried all the way through. It touched on so many difficult aspects of my life before I had my awakening: the mother-daughter bond or lack-thereof, the inablity to forgive, “good” and “bad” girls and the costs to each, the petty jealousies, the awful harshness of certain fathers towards their daughters. Throughout I felt a kinship as you wrote of a natural feminism – is there any other way? – and the right of all sexes to be heard and counted; the elderly and the respect and love we all deserve, no matter our age. I felt the presence of God, as one after another of the book’s characters discards their previously-prized manacles once worn so un/comfortably. And…oh, how I love the recipes! Thank you so much!


Dear Monica
What an absolutely delightful, beautiful book. I did not want it to end, because it would feel like I was leaving my family and friends. I am third generation South African Indian – my roots are Surat and always have been proud of my Indian heritage. I visited India three years ago and felt so at home that I automatically spoke to the cabbies and shop assistants in my broken Hindi/Urdu. You’ve made me yearn for the extended family with all its trials and tribulations. I have an 18-year-old daughter who is as independent and westernised as your Kiran/Priety and Rani – and we have the same loving, yet challenging relationship as your mums expeirence. My dream, just like Meenal’s, is to see my daughter as an “Indain Bride.” Please write again – I did not want this book to end. You have made me want to visit Lahore – yet Pakistan has never been on my list. Shukria aur Ghuda Hafez.

I loved this book. I am a South African of Indian descent and recently went to India and got married there! Although there are many Indians in SA and we have everything here (clothes, food, spices), India was still an exotic experience. Funnily though, the people from India never guessed that I was South African. I have always wondered about the lives that Indians abroad lead and this book was so insightful. I loved the fact that the mothers and daughters shared their views. I also loved the fact that the different groups (bengalis, punjabis) formed their own little community – which is the way it is here in SA.

Hi, very nice and interesting story.

Loved the Hindi-Bindi Club and googled you to see if you have written more.

Just finished reading your book, trying to find words to express the feelings it evoked, the storyline, the verses by poets, some one-liners from the moms, my favorite one being, “they are not in my shoes, wearing one chhappal and one sneaker,” among so many others that touched a place so deep. I am from India and immigrated to the US 19 years ago, but the sights and sounds and smells the book evokes are so real, almost tangible. I cannot express in words the precious feelings and thoughts and memories the book allowed me to spend some quiet time with. Thank you for the experience and journey of your book.

I am currently reading this book and savoring every word of it. Recipes as part of a novel is a great idea. I am an immigrant too and sometimes think how it would be to raise kids, esp daughters in this country, hence the book is very intriguing for me. I am totally in love with the Hindi-Bindi Club, so much as to thinking of buying a copy for myself, so I can read it whenever I want. Kudos to the author. :)

I loved every aspect of this book especially the exploration of the mother-daughter relationship. Having lost my mum, this book reminded me of days gone by and the convos that we used to have which I so dearly miss. It also reminded me of how displaced I sometimes feel being Indian but not totally Indian. A brilliant read…highly reccommended!

This was an amazing book for me to read. I am a first generation American as well. My parents came from India 25 years ago, but Indian culture is still one of the greatest influences in their and my life. I love reading, and I have read countless books, but I have never read something to which I could connect so intimately. When I read about Kiran, Preity, and Rani, I felt as though parts of myself were in each character – I could have sworn the book was about me. It felt great to know that there are people out there who know exactly how it feels to balance the East and the West. Thank you for showing me that it doesn’t have to balance, it can blend. Thank you, from a young Kiran-Preity-Rani.

Namaste, Monica-ji. I just finished the Hindi-Bindi Club and I still have not stopped crying. It touched me in a way I cannot describe. I stumbled upon your book in a thrift store and can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before. Thank you for this beautiful story. As a working lawyer and aspiring writer, I am extremely jealous. As an avid reader and lover of wonderful food, I am extremely grateful. May you be mother of a hundred books!

Monica, what a fantastic read. I have recommended the book to so many family and friends. It was like going on a journey with your big sister. Saroj aunty’s experience about the partition was like sitting with mum dad and Babee Ji (my dadaji) who have all experienced this catastrophic period in their lives. I was born & bred in the UK, but the similarities between the characters in the book and my family & friends is remarkable. I don’t think this is a coincidence, it’s just the years of brainwashing from our fore-fathers that we end up with so many similar characteristics. My biggest fear was that I would turn into my mother…….at the age of 47 I’m afraid that my 3 children regularly comment on the fact that I have turned into nani ma. Your book has been a joy. Keep writing with the honesty and integrity that you have and I will once again join you on your journey.

Monica, firstly, WELL DONE!!! Your book is an absolute delight and a page turner. Next, I must say that Rani really hit close to home, right from her need for creative expression to her episode of clinical depression and her relationship with both Patrick and Uma was exactly what I experienced and that really brought me to tears. You have certainly created characters that were well studied. I am looking forward to your next book. All the best and happy writing!

I really enjoyed reading your book. Because I am born and grew up here, I didn’t really know much about the effects of partition but now I know. You led me on a beautiful journey and I was sad to see it end. It felt really neat to read the Marathi phrases because I grew up hearing them! I copied down all the recipes you had in my recipe book and went online to this site to find more. Everything I have made so far from your recipes has turned out wonderfully. I wish you had more on this site.

Book is gr8. Keeps u engrossed, but i feel u have not written whether Saroj Chawla visited Lahore and was she able to find her roots there. Otherwise it is a pleasure reading the book.

Enjoyed your book very much. I immigrated to USA with my husband from Serbia 13 years ago. I can relate to any immigrant story, no matter what part of the world they come from. While reading could not help but think of my child born here and the way he will see “us,” his parents. Can’t wait to try the recipes.

The book is a lovely one. The characters unfold slowly and beautifully. The manner in which the book has been written is unique. The three cultures that have been blended in the book, Maharashtrian, Bengali and Punjabi, give very true descriptions of the typical traits.

Your book is wonderful, love the recipes…it reminds me so much of my family…although my family is from Fiji however all of the children were born and raised here in California…we are very Americanized….& like you stated in your book we are spoiled and sometimes forget how lucky we are and how much our parents have sacrificed for us…thanks for the reminder and please keep writing more wonderful books…from your newest fan.

Hi Monica!
I’m an aspiring Sri-Lankan author, and I just want to say that your book was such a treat… I sympathized, empathized, journeyed with the characters and did NOT want it to end! The reciepes were such a delightful addition and I’m on my way to making my first kheer…! Thanks for this gem in South Asian female literature. It was heartfelt and I hope you write a sequel soon! I would love to meet you! You should come to Sri-Lanka on tour!
With love and awe,

Namaste, What an absolutely wonderful journey you took me on, I could not put this one down. I could relate to so much of the characters (both generations) and got such pleasure from so many little bits and pieces of dialogue which my family have always used…can’t wait for more. Brilliant effort! :-)

Loved your book, Monica. I grew up in Mumbai and lived there for the 1st 22 years of my life. I’m Tamil by birth, and get to speak it often even after I’ve relocated to Singapore since so many friends speak it. But it was on reading The Hindi-Bindi Club that I realized I miss speaking in Marathi so darned much!!! Your words in the book made me miss Bombay terribly but made me smile through most parts as well :) Hope your next book comes sooner than later !

Loved your book Monica. After a long time found a book that is such an easy read and is so well written. Can see the hard work behind it. Could relate to every aspect of it – hit pretty close to home (Dad’s a Punjabi, Mom a Bengali and grew up with Maharashrian neighbors… :) ). Can’t wait for your next book. Thanks.

Thoroughly loved the book!

I just finished reading your book last night, what a great book. I came to the U.S. when I was 6 (have been here for 30 yrs), I am basically a 1st generation. I can relate to so many aspects of the different characters in your book. Thank you!

Just finished your book. Started yesterday at 4:00 pm and went to bed with it until I couldn’t read anymore at 1:00am, woke up this morning and finished it. I absolutely loved it and look forward to your next one please.

Just read your book. Was encouraged by the fact that some Indians do marry outside of their race. I am currently with an Indian man for three years. I hope that he doesn’t buckle to parental pressure and take an arranged marriage but the relationship has been an enriching experience. I’ll be looking for future books from you.

My husband gave me your fantastic book for my birthday. I love reading about different cultures above all now that in any nation there are people coming from many different nations. I am Italian and I have always lived here. Reading your book has made me feel closer to those who have lived in a foreign country for many years feeling at home but also foreigners in both countries. I love cooking but I find the recipes a bit difficult to be used since many ingredients are not so common here…

Thanks a lot for your book,

Thank You so much for this book, my fiance is Indian-Fijian, and it helped hearing all of the anxieties and triumphs for these people as we move towards our own life as One.

I’ve always been fascinated by Indian culture, Indian authors, clothing everything! Enjoyed it thoroughly. I especially liked when you would throw in an off hand manner the most intriguing information, per esempio Meena’s infatuation with Uma’s hubby. Loved it… thanks for the read.

Hi, loved the book. Picked it up from my local library, and am glad I did.

Incidentally, how come there is just the butter chicken recipe only on your site? Can’t see the others. It would be great if they’re there….as I have to return the library book!! I must say your friend’s challenge at cooking the food was an interesting adventure too. :)

Monica, your book is amazing. As a first generation Australian Anglo-Indian, I could especially identify with the daughters! I felt their frustrations, their relationships (each other, parents & partners), and how they have adapted and become proud of all of their cultures. I especially loved the different mediums you used to tell your stories – great recipes!!!
Thanks for this wonderful experience, I can’t wait for the next!!!

Your book made me rethink many of the on-going challenges of dealing with my extremely headstrong daughter. Not Indian but Eastern European by descent. I’m guessing we all have similar goals for our children. Thank very much for the recipes – I made the Mung Bean stew today and My, IS IT TASTY! I am so looking forward to your next book!

Hi Monica,
I picked up the Hindi-Bindi club last week at my local library. I must say it is probably one of the few books in recent times that I wanted to keep on reading at all possible moments. I am a mother of a 4-year-old and so it is no longer possible to read books at a stretch and usually end up with 3-4 books going parallelly.

I loved the narrative nature of the story with differing perspectives from the 6 ladies, the generation gap and the cultural differences, the regional upbringing differences, the issues of spirituality, morality, conformity raised and questioned.

I came to the UK 7 years back and although I am a couple of generations apart from your Meenal, Saroj and Uma, I can relate to some of the issues they face. I felt amused when I tried to honestly answer if typically one does gravitate to fellow countrymen and whether as a result, the children get bunched up as ‘friends’ and I found the answer to be a big ‘YES’ …..back then and even now. :)

I love the way you have portrayed the conflicts, the bonding and the friendship a mother-daughter always share. With my mother and my daughter, I share this highly volatile yet extremely sensitive relationship and you have very realistically captured a mother’s role in the family and her constant feeling of duty in your book.

Thank you for the book and congratulations on its success.


Wow! If I ever write a book, would like it to be like yours. What a lovely mix of life, philosophy and spirituality!
Divya Pilkington
P.S. Loved the title!

Just loved your book. Thank you for the recipes I can’t wait to try them, my Mother-in-law wrote hers in Kanada which I can’t read and my husband never translated them before he died. Waiting for the next book.

Enjoyed the book thoroughy! Funny and entertaining! Can’t wait to read a Part 2…

I too would love to know more about Saroj’s trip and her new friends. This book was truly wonderful – I can’t wait for the next one. And I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes. This book will be passed around in Australia! Thanks, Monica!

(yes this is my real name!)

Thanks for a great read. I love good books and food, particularly from the subcontinent. I am Singaporean Chinese but have always “felt Indian”… same as my Swiss partner who cooks perfect rasam and sambar from scratch, with ingredients lovingly hand-carried from Asia. When is your next book? We look forward to it.

Very nice book. I will definitely give my daughter a gift.

Hey, this is my first Indian book. Normally I don’t read books…but this one was special…sab acha laga hai.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. Very touching. Loved the way you portrayed the Marathi family.

Hi, I just finished reading your book. A friend suggested it last week. I loved it!!! Although I was born in Fiji and we lost most of our values and cultures, I could still connect. If my mom was alive I guess we would have the same conflicts. My mom died from breast cancer so Kiran was more close to home. I hardly ever cry but this book did bring tears…Just loved your book. Thanks for the recipes…I tried the chicken curry…it was yummy…haven’t cooked Indian for almost over 10 years….your book made me get up and try some Indian recipes….

Loved your book! Reminded me of all the good times I had in India, I spent 8 weeks there, travelling from Rajasthan down to Kerala. Miss the food – thanks to you I can now make my own.

Just finished the book – wow! Such fun and some of the characters remind me of Indian and Pakistani friends. What a hoot! Well done you and when’s the next one coming out? Thanks ever so – it brightened up this corner of the Emerald Isle and reminds me so much of London and home. Cheers!

Monica -

My mom picked up your book first and had been talking about it non stop for like a year (she is Meenal Deshpande for all practical purposes), she had her book club read it (they talked to you on the phone, she probably spoke to you in Marathi), and then kept telling my sister and I to read it.

This book is the exact story of our lives. You have made a completely accurate depiction of the relationships and what it is like. Thank you for doing that. Now when people ask me what it is like, or my American fiance wants to know, I can just simply hand them your book and say, “read this” and you will know.

I also had a fear that wonderful Indian cooking will die off in America with our parents generation. Including the recipies that you did, makes it easier for all of us to try them!

Thank you.

This one’s now sitting on the “All Time Favourites” shelf in my library, right next to Vikram Seth’s “A Suitable Boy.” I bought the book at the airport, just before seeing my 21 year old daughter off after her university break, set about reading it on the two hour journey back home and didn’t put it down until I finished it two days later. I am a fifth generation South African Indian and the Hindi-Bindi Club read like my own life story. I found my grandmother, my mother, my daughter, my friends and myself talking to me out of the pages. I’ve bought my daughter her own copy. She is a chef and student of Dietetics. I couldn’t think of a more apt gift for her. I plan to give it to her with great ceremony on her next visit home. Oh, and the recipes – yummy.

Hi Monica,

Just finished your book last night. Was reading through the comments left on this page…they’ve summed up everything that I have to say as well. Really enjoyed the book. So many things are close to the heart. Being a 30 something year old Indian woman, 2nd generation immigrant in a Western country, I certainly identified with many of the characters in the book. Thanks very much for putting many of my feelings in words…I don’t feel so alone anymore. I feel that I have ’sisters’ all over the world who feel just like me.

Thanks once again.

So enjoyed your book – I’m reading it for a third time. It’s like chatting to old friends. In Australia this is the story of many immigrant families, you have so captured it. Thank you.

What an amazing book! I enjoyed absolutely every minute of it. Myself and 2 work colleagues / friends have recently spent 5 1/2 weeks in India and had the time of our lives. What a special place. Now after reading this book I have more of an understanding of the Partition issues as well as different cultural aspects. After enjoying the magnificent food in India it will be great to ‘have-a-go’ at some really authentic Indian recipes. Thank you for bringing such joy and I hope that there is another installment some time in the future. Thanks, Gina (Australia)

Gr8 read, am what you call second generation Hindi-Bindi Club or newbie (though would say never wore bindi or saree which made me look hot in life)

You bring out excellent mother daughter relations in three diff ways. Feels likes it’s your story, hers, or hers!!!!!!!

Would wait for next one…

A friend gave me the book to read. I was not very interested in it, but as I read the first page I got hooked and what a treasure. Though I live in India I could identify with both the generations. I am surely going to try some of the recipes. Thank you for such a wonderful read.

Thank you for making me laugh, cry and fall in love with this book. I finished it this morning, on the train on my way to work. It ended too soon.

Monica, I finished your book last night and it was such a great read. The culture, the fight between new world/old world, the past/the future, the mother/daughter relationships. I am of Italian background and all you had to do is change the names and the places and it was like reading part of my growing up. Thank you for bringing us on such a wonderful journey. I loved the changed relationship of Kiran and Meenal. It was superb! Cannot wait for your next book.

My sister gave me your book for my birthday last year. I read the book in less than 24 hours — laughing, crying, and sometimes doing both at the same time. You have captured the essence of 2nd generation Indian women and the special bond they have with their mothers. My Mom has already read the book, too, and shares my feelings about your work. She is better-prepared to try the recipes than I. Congratulations on your achievement and for following your dreams. I look forward to your next book.


I’ve never commented on a book online, I loved the gentle unfolding of the characters, and words (like liquid) so smooth, and full of shape, nuance. I’m determined to try the recipes! The picture you paint of India has opened my eyes, and the way you’ve wrapped the spiritual with the culture and intertwined them with Western ways…. just divine :)

I thoroughly enjoyed your book, couldn’t put it down. I am going to tell all my friends about it. I could relate to everything in the book from mother-daughter relationships, to the partition that my parents and grandparents went through. My mother was only fifteen when she came to India as a refugee, how they had to struggle to survive, and faith in God always helped them. I could relate to women of different backgrounds from India as we have people here in Kingston, Jamaica, whom we are so close to, they are like our family here. I also face challenges bringing up my three teenaged children who are all born here, they just sometimes can’t understand why I am so protective of them. I just laughed so many times, it seemed just the exact words that I say to my daughter who will be 20 soon. Ah ha and how could I forget Kolkata, that is where I had my arranged marriage, thank God I don’t live there, I was actually born and brought up in Shillong, a beautiful hill station in Northeast India. Well all I can say, in short, brilliant piece of work.

I just finished reading Hindi-Bindi Club for the second time. This time for my book club. When I read it for the first time last year I was so disappointed that this book or another like it wasn’t available 35 years ago when I was a teenager living in a small town in Nebraska. We had several Indian doctors move to town and they were so mysterious to all of us. Their children were very young so I never got to know them or get a glimpse into their culture. It would have helped!

Just last Christmas I was flying to Albuquerque to see my son. There was a young Indian family sitting the row behind me. When the flight attendant brought the kindergarten age older child a pair of wings she asked him if he wanted to be a pilot. He said, “That would be fun but I will be a doctor or an engineer!” I smiled to myself now understanding where that comes from!

Thanks for the book. I look forward to your next one!

Fantastic, Monica! I loved your book and am going to pass it on to all my friends. The bond of sisterhood amongst women is so powerful, and often overlooked while we’re all out there chasing the buck, washing the dishes etc. The Hindi-Bindi Club offers a lot of insight into the joys and tribulations of being a mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend; can’t wait for the follow-up. I loved the recipes (collective groan from my family’s beleagured digestive systems!) and the India-Pakistan history lessons shed some light on a generations-old conflict, of which I have, at best, sketchy knowledge. Best wishes to you and your team!

I really enjoyed this book. I asked for it for xmas, and wasn’t disapointed! Being facinated by all things Indian (but not game enough to go!!!) it filled part of a void.

Just finished this book! Loved it! Looking forward to the next one! I have to say I was happy to see that there wasn’t any Muslim bashing. In this day and age, do we need any MORE animosity between religions-even in works of fiction? Kudos to you, Monica!

I was brought up in the States (Pakistani immigrant parents) as well and found your novel to hit close to home on so many levels. I will be recommending it to all my friends-both firengi and the ABCDs! :)

Namaste. I too am not Indian, but utterly fascinated with the food, clothing, and culture. I travel an hour to be spoiled by my friend Barinder, the manager of an Indian restaurant. I absolutely loved your book-read nonstop-hated to have to go to bed. Absolutely bowled over to find out there will be a sequel of sorts. Thank you-keep writing-I’ll keep reading.

What a wonderful book! I am married to an Indian (I’m Australian/Malaysian) and we have a little boy (16 months) and I’m always looking for novels that discuss India and the West and the cultural differences. I too, like the women from the Hindi-Bindi Club, hope that I can teach and show my son his Indian side while living in Australia. I think this is very important for him. Monica, as well as giving me a very entertaining read, it really taught me so much and what to expect!! Thank you!


Hi, I am from Auckland, NZ, found this book in library, surprised by its title, and gosh couldn’t put it down. With all family commitments completed the book in 3 days!! Phew!! Great writing!! Being first generation immigrant I relate with moms and now can see the future in my daughter’s eyes, she may turn Rani or Kiran!! I think the dilemma never ends being first gen immigrant. Great writing and great recipies. Thanks…

I finished your book yesterday evening and enjoyed it tremendously. I learned a lot about India and Pakistan in the process. As an English-born Australian who emigrated en famile as a teenager there are things I can certainly relate to. The mother daughter relationship and the inherent problems are universal. The relationship between some of the women and their fathers was especially poignant as I lost my father last year to a sudden cancer. Thanks so much for your story.

Dear Monica,

I absolutely loved your book. I came across it by chance when I was Christmas shopping. I actually bought it for my 18 year old sister but ended up reading it myself. It’s amazing how every line is a reflection of something about my own life or the life of someone I know. As a daughter and now mum of a 7 month old, I know this is a book that I will surely cherish for a lifetime. Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece.

The book club that I am a part of just finished reading this wonderful book, and we had Monica call in and speak to the group. We also had the honor of our high school English teacher with us that night. It was very delightful and refreshing to read a book which talks about mothers and daughters and how their lives are different yet similar. The older I get, the more and more I start to relate and understand my mother’s struggles as an immigrant to the western world, trying to raise two daughters. My mother always said to me, in Punjabi, “when you are at my stage in life you will understand!” Let’s just say that I am starting to understand!

Thank you Monica for such a beautiful, real book, and taking the time to call in to our book club. Can’t wait to read more!

Aman Kainth, BC, Canada

I just finished reading The Hindi-Bindi Club tonight and cried because of the ending and because I didn’t want the story to end! My best friend and I have been avid readers all of our lives, and we date back to 1st grade. Because we lived in a very rural area in RI in the 1970s, our idea of heaven over summer vacation was to exchange a paper grocery bag of books with each other at the end of school and spend the summer lost in the worlds we immersed ourselves in in our books. We also loved the Bobsy Twins and Nancy Drew series and tried to write our own copycat mysteries at the age of 9 and 10. Neither of us turned out to be writers, but we still love to read, and although we only get together twice a year now, I’ll be giving her a copy of the Hindi-Bindi Club when she and her family come to visit next weekend. Thank you for such a wonderful book, and PLEASE keep on writing! My vegetarian husband loves Indian food (so do I), and I love the idea of including recipes in the book. My friend’s family will serve as guinea pigs next weekend Hello to all of my fellow admirers of The Hindi-Bindi Club too!

This is our January Book Club selection. I just finished reading and know we will have lots of fun discussing this book in our group. I loved being able to read all the first person accounts of the characters, and the recipes – Yum! I can’t wait to try and cook some of these. One of my best friends has moved back to India and this made me feel closer to her and miss her all the more. Thank you for the exposure to the struggles of the Partition and the Bibliography to continue to learn. What a lovely book. Many thanks.


I enjoyed the book immensely — I think the best part is how it’s very likely that any reader will relate to one or the other of your characters — or at the very least an amalgam.

What I can’t for the life of me comprehend, Ms. Pradhan, is how one person, not even raised in India can know — and I say know for lack of a better, deeper word — three such diverse cultures with such depth? And I am honestly curious, being brought up in India, it is incomprehensible!

I just finished your book today and I loved it from the very first page. I come from Mauritius and I have indian roots. It was kind of funny to find Indian recipes that are present here in Mauritius (but they have been given a Mauritian touch!!), in the book. Am gonna try them!! You’re a talented story teller and you should keep writing. I have similarities with the three daughters. Same experiences. Just say that I loved the book and waiting for your other novels.

Happy New Year from another side of the world!!

I read the book and then went back and bought 10 more copies to give to my best friends for Christmas. They don’t know it yet but we are going to have a Hindi-Bindi dinner with curries of course.

Vicki, Australia

Reading the book was a wonderful experience for me. In fact I could not put down the book since I started reading it. I love the recipes in the book.

Just finished reading – what a beautiful book! An avid reader since childhood, I can’t recall the last time I read a novel that I could relate to as much….. I better go and phone my sister to thank her for recommending this jewel of a novel to me. And thank YOU Monica for writing the Hindi-Bindi Club, I can’t wait to read your next story…

Monisha (Saskatoon, Cananda)

I loved The Hindi-Bindi Club! The book was not just a wonderful story, it also taught me a lot about the history of India. I am Irish Catholic, but have fallen in love with Indian culture and love reading about women such as Rani, Preity, Kiran and their mothers. Thanks Monica Pradhan!

Dear Monica,
I loved your novel! I cannot stop thinking and talking about Rani, Preity, Kiran and their mothers! I am half-Italian and half-English and I must admit that, when I was a teenager, it was very difficult to melt my origins even though both “Western.” I would like to suggest this book to all my friends but unfortunately they do not read American English/British English, so I thought it would be wonderful to see your book translated into Italian…and I would be delighted to translate it, because I am a translator…


I absolutely loved your book, and could certainly relate to it. Me, my mom, and my sister have all been reading it, and it was great being able to see many instances where we had been through similar emotions as your characters. I date outside the “Indian” race, and have had a hard time communicating with my parents regarding it, and really enjoyed reading about the trials and tribulations that Kiran had, and how at the end all was well and the family came together. I truly hope to read more of your novels…..

Just finished reading the book and cannot stop talking about it and recommending it to all my friends-it is an awesome read. Thanks and hope you continue to write….

-Gulnar (Tempe, AZ)

Could not stop reading your book and was looking forward to trying the recipes. However I could only find the chicken curry. What happened to the rest?

Excellent book… such wonderfully written. Thank you for writing the book. I felt as though I knew some of the characters in the book.

Thank you so much for writing a book that I felt touched my life on such a personal and spiritual level. I couldn’t wait to pick it up and see what happened next, and my husband was happy when I finished it, so he could finally get some attention! I, however, didn’t want to finish it, because I felt such a connection with these 6 women, that I didn’t want it to end with the book. You are such a brilliant writer! I feel like we have so much in common with our backgrounds, I would love to invite you over to my house for some chai and samosas. Please come by when you are in the Bay Area. Thanks again for these amazing and wonderful stories.

FANTASTIC!!! I loved this book!! I am an Indian born and brought up in South Africa and I must admit, it appears that no matter where in the world you go, the East vs West still prevails in our “Indian” homes…I am definitely giving this book to my mother to read!! Brilliant!

Wonderful story, gifted writer, what else could make you happier!

I’m French with Indian origins via the Carribean and feel the same difficulties as Kiran in managing my life. But you cannot forget your roots as it is part of your identity.

Dear Monica, if you come to Paris, please let me know, we would be happy to meet you!!

Thanks and see you soon!


I just finished it today! I couldn’t put it down and I can’t stop talking about it! I loved, loved, loved every page. I can’t wait to start trying the recipes.



I bought this book because I was attracted to the colourful cover, the great title and because it was on sale. I love reading and have an hour and a half bus ride to work so I go through a lot of books. It’s not often one moves me to laugh out loud or shed a tear, on the bus, in public, at 6:30 in the morning, but this one did.

I’m Canadian, granddaughter of Russian/German immigrants but I know something of India. I lived there for almost 5 years as a volunteer with a Christian ministry. This book brought back a lot of very vivid memories. India is, bar none and I’ve lived in many countries, the most vivid, colourful, pungent country in the whole world. There were things I loved and treasured and things that broke my heart and caused me great concern for the future of that amazing country.

Thank you Monica for a wonderful book that celebrates the blessings of life: family, friendship, love, faith, food, forgiveness, culture and fun. Shabash!

I loved this book! I felt like I was an invited guest with a sneak peak into the culture, food, and the family dynamics. I love Indian cuisine so I will most definitely be trying out the recipes. All the best in your future endeavours…

Monica (yes, I know how to pronounce it)
I googled you just to find you since I haven’t kept in touch with anyone from Langley. Was stunned to see your picture – you look so young – but not surprised to see that you are writing. I’ve been a fan of your writing since junior high! Would love to hear from you. Ordered your book right away and can’t wait to read it!!
Sandi (Wilcox) DuPaul -

I finished reading your wonderful book barely five minutes ago. It has been one of those books which I did not want to end. I have been to India many times (I’m not Indian but think perhaps I may have been some time before) and have read many books by Indian authors – but this time I’ve come away feeling that I’ve learnt so much more – even in the first thirty pages! Thank you so very much! I now want to try some of the recipes!

Letting go of a book can be the sadest feeling! I loved the book so much, I thought the characters were wonderful, and found all the detailed stories and descripitions of Indian culture and history truly amazing! I’ve always been interested and fascinated by India and its rich cultural diversity, and am even more intreaged now!! Thank you Monica for a truly wonderful book, I will buy loads of copies to give away for Christmas.

Anna-Karin in London

I’ve just finished reading the Hindi Bindi Club and Loved it. What a fantastic story of the complexities of culture and families. Loved the adding of the recipes and the proverbs. Quite a unique yet a very enjoyable book that you can’t put down.

I guess I’m the only kid that read this book, but I’m the first generation born in America. I found the book totally moving in a lot of ways. My mom, dad, and I have a messed up relationship much like Kiran, but I hope it doesn’t take cancer to fix it. I loved your book Monica and have read it nearly three times now.

Thank you for The Hindi-Bindi Club! It’s touched me on so many levels and I can’t wait for your next book.

We’re Jewish and my own daughter’s partner isn’t. The blending of cultures is something I can relate to. She’s about to go and study in Jamkhed (near Pune) for a month and is learning a lot about Indian culture. I’m about to give her the book to read. We’ve also discovered the joys of Inadian food.

Lastly, food, yoga and family are the most important things in my life and this book has become a part of my soul.

Thank you once again,
Shalom and Namaste!!

I found the book in a library in London and read it everyday on the tube for the past week and wished the tube ride was just a little bit longer (I usually can’t wait to reach my work as quick as possible)! It was great to read about insights on Indian traditions, food etc., a very uplifting book, I loved it!

I was so sad to reach the end of this book. I can’t describe how much I enjoyed it. It left me wanting to hug my mum and never let go.

It felt great to lose myself in a book. It gives me a perspective of what my kids have to go through having immigrant parents. Your book is our first book choice as we start our book club. Thank you and Good Luck!

Wow! I really liked the book! Didn’t want it to end.. I found each character and storyline so interesting that a book could have been devoted to each individual one.. Haven’t tried any recipe yet but am looking forward to it! When is your next one coming out?

My friend and I bought The Hindi-Bindi Club on our return trip from Bengaluru Airport to keep us occupied on the flight. Boy were we blown away! Truly great reading!

I saw this book in my college library and I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down! This book is really funny and you can somewhat relate to it! I even renewed it for my mum to read!

Thank you for the book, it’s brilliant!

I accidentally found this book on overstock.com. I was looking up Bindi the Jungle girl bedding for my daughters room. This book came up and I usually don’t buy a book online without reading reviews but this book called to me. I am so glad I bought it. I read it in about three days. I couldn’t put it down. I have three children under seven and reading a book that quickly is a tricky thing. I stayed up late Friday and stayed in bed late Saturday. I crawled back in after making breakfast and just read and read. I haven’t had a book catch me like that in a long time!

I love to read and this book ended too soon. Your story was perfect but I was so enchanted by the women and their stories that I wanted it to just keep going.

I am first born American but my Mother is British and spent most of her life here so not really a culture shock. It is so interesting to read about such an old and very stubborn (no offense intended) culture.

It’s funny because I love “Bollywood” movies my favorite is Bride and Prejudice and this was so much better.

Thank you for a book that has stayed with me weeks after I finished it! I can’t wait for you to write another one!!

I was getting bored making the same old stuff, but your book got me going and I sent off Saroj’s chole in my kids’ tiffins and made Nilima Maami’s mung dhal for lunch and slurped. But your book is much more, and after reading Kiran-Meenal’s deluge chapter, I remembered my scene with my Mum and sobbed like I haven’t in years! I wish I knew Saroj’s story when she went back to Lahore.

Loved it! Keep it up Monica! Chaan aahe ga, did not want it to end. Sagle characters mala agadi khare khare watat. Dole bharun aale. . . .Vasanti

Loved the book! As emigre from Calcutta who recently had the gift of returning after 43 years, the descriptions of things “Indian” brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!


I got this book for my birthday in July. It was promised to me last year and finally this year I received it. To be honest, like other readers, I too was expecting a frivolous story. I really should have remembered not to judge a book by its cover (or, title). I cannot believe I waited till September to begin reading it – I finished it in two days!

Your storytelling and characters were amazing. There were so many little things that struck a chord. It’s like your characters (or perhaps, you?) have lead a parallel life to mine. I laughed out loud and sobbed my way from beginning to end. And, I cannot wait to try a vegetarianised version of the Goan curry!

I have read many-many-many books, but I have never been tempted to write a note to the author before. Congratulations on your book, and thank you for giving me such a great read. I plan to share it with anyone who will listen to my recommendations. Looking forward to the next story you choose to tell!

Hi…I have just finished the book. It’s amazing. You have an amazing talent. The style of the book was unique and a breath of fresh air. The book made me feel like I do NEED my mum. No matter what I think sometimes. Thank you. x

I randomly picked up your book at the library and was excited. Excellent entertainment and insight into the India/America life. Just ordered the book off Amazon for myself and for a friend, yeh! And this one´s from Denmark…gets around that book!!

I enjoyed your book very much! Very well written, evoking many different emotions throughout its entirety. I have been told I am similar to Texas-John by some Beautiful women of Indian Descent! It will be fun to read your next book! Thank you, God Bless!

Hi! Loved this book! It’s been a while since I read it, so I’ll have to revisit it! I loved the Chicken Curry, as I really adore curries of any kind! Thanks for such a well written book, yummy dishes, and inspiration for aspiring writers as myself!



I picked up your book whilst on vacation in Mumbai.. wow.. I could not put it down. It’s an incredible book.. As a South African of Indian Origin (a mouthful..huh…) it spoke to me in a million ways.. I felt like I was peeping into a story of my own.. and the mother-daughter stories made me cry for conversations with my own late mum…

I cannot wait for your next offering.. Thank you for a wonderful book..


Hi Monica,
So glad I picked this one of the shelf… Great book and even greater characters. My personal favorite was Kiran, she is fiesty and funny yet kind and sweet. Just like me…lol.
Write another soon…please!

I loved your book. It had so many beautiful things in it. My copy is highlighted with all my favorite quotes. When can we expect the next book from you???

Hi Monica,

Loved your book!!

It made me feel very homesick.

I have been putting together a little book of family recipes over the years…your book has inspired me to compile them.

Goodluck with your next book!


I loved this book! Like Rani, I am half Indian, the product of an immigrant father and American mother. So many parts of this book were so familiar to me. Can’t wait to read the next one!

Obviously, read the last page first. It is indeed good to know about how you are helping kids to have access to books. It is my dream too to make available good books to kids everywhere in India. I have just started reading your book. Well…the cover looks good

More later.

Hi Monica,

Your book sounds extremely interesting; therefore I decided to buy it as a gift (the Dutch translation, that is) for my sister’s birthday. I myself will read it as soon as I can as well, and will let you know how I and my sister experienced reading your book! In the meanwhile, good luck with your next novel.

Kind regards,

Anwar Kasi
(Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Thank you for the Hindi Bindi Club. As an Anglo Australian married to an Indian immigrant husband, and of course marrying “the family,” I read as much Indian literature as I can. I enjoyed your zest for life that permeates the characters and events. Hope truly does spring eternal.

LOVED It! I lovved this book! I myself am an Indian born in the U.S. to immigrant parents, and I felt like I could relate to all of the daughters in the book. How wonderfully written this book is! I also learned A LOT about Indian traditions in this book and had a very nice discussion about it with my mom afterwards, who of course said she could relate to how the mothers in the book feel ;)

Dear Monica,

Thanks for writing such a wonderful book. I picked this up whilst visiting Mumbai for a Hindu wedding and spent my few relaxing days there reading this brilliant novel.

I laughed out loud on many occasions whilst recognising some of the endearing stereotypical ‘Indian’ traits that I adore in my friends and in their families too.

Looking forward to your next book!


Just finished your novel about my new daughter-in-law. Could hardly believe the similarities, especially the wedding preparations and the hesitations/build-ups to a mixed marriage. Our new daughter is from Delhi, and our background is Canadian/Austrian – not quite Texas, but close. I was gifted the book from my middle daughter, and will strongly suggest that every member of our family, and our now-extended family, take the opportunity to read it. Thank you for sharing with us.

Dear Monica,

Thank you so much for your wonderful book. I loved it, loved the characters, loved the way you connect their different life stories and destinies with each other, loved the recipes at the end of each chapter (although I did not find the time to test-cook one of them, as I just finished the book, but I certainly will…!). I grow more and more fond of Indian culture and lifestyle, especially since a psychic friend of mine has “seen” me as an Indian woman in a former life — so, I´m kind of curious, and I want to learn more about India, the people, the customs, the cultural heritage… But also apart from this, I do hope to get another novel of you soon, and I´m sure I will like it as much as “The Hindi-Bindi Club.”

Thank you and all the best,
(Munich, Germany)

The Hindi Bindi Club had me awww’d and wow’d! What an incredible book!! This is definitely something every East Indian female raised or born in the West can appreciate. The traditions, the mothers, the Western lifestyle vs. Eastern lifestyle & the food. I couldn’t put it down. I loved it!!

Really enjoyed the book and learnt so much about India and Partition. The recipes at the end of every chapter were inspirational and ensure I never give my book away!! Here’s to the next one.

I am an Irish American living in San Francisco, California, and purchased your book to take with me on a trip to Pune, India, where I married my Pune born and raised husband in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony on Nov 25th, 2007. This was my third trip to India, however my job in Silicon Valley left me crushed for time to research what I was getting into with my wedding ceremony, and my all-too-cryptic fiance was light on details, I believe for fear of scaring me off. ; -) I have never even attended an Indian wedding before, so my only knowledge was gleamed from Monsoon Wedding and a limited intro to Bollywood, as you can guess I was in for a real experience. Not to mention I was joined on my journey by my family who were experiencing India for the first time.

I can’t tell how much your book not only inspired me, but it also helped me to bridge the gap between my American and his Indian family, which were all meeting for the first time. Due to time constraints, it took me most of the two weeks to read the book over the course of the trip, and it was amazing to see how the events seemed to link with where I was physically at, San Fran to Mumbai to Pune. I used the Kipling quote in your book at my toast at the mehndi celebration, and I can’t tell you how much the East to West quote applied at that very moment. I placed my first ever bindi, worn that night, next to the Kipling quote in your book and plan to share the book with my child (God willing) when the time is right.

Much to my surprise, I finished the book the night before my wedding in Pune, and I can’t tell you how much more meaningful the somewhat overwhelming ceremony was to me due to your book. The chanting especially took on an entire new meaning for me.

Thank you for your writing as it truly helped me not only have a better understanding of my husband and his cultural, but also to have a glimpse inside some of the challenges and growth to come for our newly formed multi-cultural family.

Colleen Kapase (Formerly Lenihan)

I loved the book. However, I had a little difficulty trying to remember and keep different characters their names and their stories straight. Did anyone feel this way?

Born Nepali, married to a Caucasion, and living and raising children in America, I was able to relate to this book. When I saw the last name ‘Pradhan,’ I thought the author must be a Nepali.

Thank you. Keep writing.

It was too short!!!! loved the personalities and could relate between the mothers/daughters…..recipes added a nice touch. Loved the description of India visit. Monica this should be turned into a movie – WELL DONE.

Thank you for this wonderful book. I expected something light and humorous and was wonderfully surprised to find it that, and so much more. Touching, warm, and honest. I hated it to end. You have such insight into the human soul. Another unexpected gift from the book was the history lesson. I know so little about the history of India (thanks to your book, I now know a little more). And, I will try to increase my knowledge in the future. I am going to order copies of the book for my daughter, granddaughter, and my best friend. I may even try some of the wonderful recipes even though I have “retired” from cooking. They are so tempting. Looking forward to your next book, please let it be soon. Again, thank you for providing several hours of pure pleasure during the past week.

I really enjoyed reading the book and loved the recipes. I never wanted to put it down.

The most beautifully written book for all NRI moms and daughters. I can’t believe there are so many of us with similar histories, memories, obstacles and victories. Thank you for vocalizing the most defying secrets and most cherished memories. I am buying a copy for my sister, my two nieces and my two daughters who will definitely need it in the future. Loved the recipes too. Can’t wait to read more of your books.

Thanks again

-Nisha Sharma
Austin, Texas


I’m 17 years old- first generation American born Indian (half Punjabi, half Bengali- unusual mix, no?).

There could not have been a better time for me to read your book, which was- amazing, to say the least. I feel like I can relate to every single one of those families just by judging on my own family and our (their?) Indian friends.

At 17- I’m definitely going through a rough patch with my mother, and of course being the rebellious Indian daughter that I am, I’m not going to be a doctor, engineer, etc. And with my passion for the arts and my plans for MY future, my parents and I are having trouble connecting.

Basically, what I’m trying to say, through this rough time your book makes me feel like I’m not the only first generation American born Indian facing these challenging obstacles.

I’m waiting impatiently for your next work.


Please write another!

Like the lady who has previously posted before me, I am in Australia and married to a Sindi man whom I adore so much! Like in your book we too have so many parallels in our lives that it’s hard to explain why this happens (he and I both married twice before ‘meeting’ each other. I have often been told that this alone should be put into book form too??!!!). I love this book, and I love my daughter for finding it for me. She tells me it ‘just jumped out’ at her, and it is the second she has found for me with recipes included. Keep up the good work and good for you for fulling so many underprivileged with the gift of expanding their knowledge. Like my grandmother says, it’s a sad day you stop learning, knowledge is the only thing you take with you when you go. Keeping an eye out for your next book and your research books/material.

Loved the book!!! I couldn’t put it down…I can’t wait until my mom reads it…she is soo like Meenal Auntie!!

Thank You Monica,
I wish there was a part two…


I am based in Sydney, Australia, and married to a Bengali for 13 yrs (greek cypriot background) with loads of Indian friends and family, and I was given the book as an early Xmas present from my wonderful friend Venita. I read it in two days whilst on a business trip…could not put it down. Characters are all very relatable, and the story is told so well you want it to go on forever! Venita also bought it for another friend Sunaina who is half way through, and we are waiting for Venita to read it as well so we can talk Hindi-Bindi non stop! Please hurry with new book Monica, and if anyone has any recommendations of other great reads with Indian flavour like this, please let us know.

What a wonderful book! I picked this book up by chance, and I couldn’t put it down. Like a few others have mentioned, I teared up several times, but that is of course because I could definitely relate to situations and characters in the book. I would love to see a part 2 or 3 or more to this series. It was so amazing to me to find a character that was so like me, that character being Texas John. Granted I am a woman and I am from Canada not Texas, lol, but like John I am not a born Indian however I’ve been told I am more Indian then a lot of Indians :) . Monica you have done such an amazing job teaching about Indian ways, beliefs, relationships and customs in this book and on top of it all you were able to explain Hinduism to Western readers. Definitely one of my favourite books and I will keep my eyes out for part 2 (with my fingers crossed). Thank you again.

Your book was a wonderful journey and one I’m sad has ended. It was like visiting home with every page and tasting a bit of spice with every word. Thank you for such a wonderful interlude for my days. Peace!

I loved the book and thoroughly enjoyed the phone coversation with you at our Book Club meeting today! I loved the flow of language and the content of the book! Can’t wait to recommend this book to our mother-daughter book club when my daughter grows up. Looking forward to the next book!

When I first saw the title at the Library where I volunteer, I thought it might be one of those books on “Indian culture” seeking to ‘educate.’ Pleasant surprise: it went deeper than that. Monica, I wish you will get invited to the Writers Week held here in Adelaide, Australia, every summer. I would love to meet you. Being a first generation migrant I share the H-BC mums’ concerns. When I visit India next May, I’m going armed with copies for the gals in my family. A GOOD READ. Definitely!!

Just started reading it this morning…it’s now 3:36 PM, and I’m 1/2 through. Love it…I’ve already teared up at several points. Thank you for writing this book!

I saw your book on a bookshelf a few days after Eid and decided that it was the perfect gift for myself with the money my Mum gave me as an Eid gift. It didn’t even take me a day to finish the book as I was glued from the time I opened the cover. I have to say that I loved it to bits and my experience included many of those ‘giggling to myself’ moments where my husband looks at me and smiles. Thank you for an excellent read. I have already recommended it to my friends.

I loved this book! So much that I actually cried over the last pages…It touched me so deeply, that I didn’t want it to end.

I picked up my copy at the ultra-ritz Amarvilas in Agra last week. Thought it would be a silly take off on “Joy Luck Club,” but was I ever wrong!

I had an Indian exchange student a few summers ago, have been to India three times, and one of my daughters (who’s half Japanese, half Caucasian) spent a semester there.

Thanks so much for helping me to understand so much more about the Indian and Indian-American cultures. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

What an incredible book…I couldn’t put it down! I am a second generation Indian and find novels inspired by the Indian Diaspora both exciting & thought-provoking. I am looking forward to another novel by the author.

Hi Monica,

I picked up The Hindi-Bindi Club by chance in the local library (in Newcastle, Australia) yesterday and had to let you know how much I am enjoying reading it. It is touching, funny, informative, and an altogether fabulous read. I am rationing myself and trying not to read it too fast so the end doesn’t come too soon.

Dear Monica,

My wife bought this book for herself, and I ended up reading it first. Beautiful and moving are two words that I would use to describe it. I grew up with my grandparents telling us how they moved from Lahore to Delhi during the partition – and your descriptions are apt and reflect what we were told. As an expat Indian living in New Zealand, I can relate to the musings and the oft-felt emotions that pluck at your heartstrings when a sight, sound, feeling, description or smell takes you back to India. My favourite character here was Saroj, and I understand the ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ persona she embodies. Your descriptions of places in India is evocative and profound. Thanks once again for a brilliant read!

PS – Page 345 talks about Meenal in Chandini Chauk (which is in Delhi) but I thought she was in Mumbai – it this intentional or am I wrong?

I accidentally came across this book, and what a pleasant accident it was. I am so touched by the thorough details of both the experiences of the first generation immigrants and then the experiences of the second generation. My only regret is that I don’t have a daughter to share these experiences with. Maybe in the next book the views of boys growing up here could be included. Already looking forward to the next book and of course more recipes.

As a full time student, reading for pleasure time is almost non existant, so it took me a lot longer to read this than it normally would. But am I sad? Does that bother me? NO!! Why, because I got to make the goodness last longer! HOORAY!! Thanks for putting this into the universe, Monica. It will certainly be sending something equally as wonderful back to you.


What a fantastic read. I couldn’t put this book down. I even read the “acknowledgments” and “about the author” sections, which I never do, as I was hungry for more. This book is rich with Indian culture and history and the vividness and beauty that is India. Please write more. I will wait patiently on the edge of my seat………

Jenn, Saskatchewan

I absolutely LOVED this book. I was raised by a single mom who did the best she could under very difficult circumstances. Unfortunately I didn’t see it until I had children of my own. This book nurtured those feeling of appreciation and sacrifice that she put worth in raising both my brother and I. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart. I am buying this book for all my friends for Christmas. Thank-you once again.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I picked it up for a book club and didn’t know what to expect. My family has been in America for generations so I take for granted some things that the women struggled with in the book. However, the mother-daughter struggles seem to be apparent in all cultures. After reading the book (which I was sad to finish) I feel I learned a lot about India, immigrants, women, spices, and myself! I can’t wait to try one of the recipes!

Loving this book, what a wonderful writer! I saw it (& got it) from the library, but I’m going to buy it – it’s a keeper. Also want my daughter to read it AND we’ll both want to make lots of the recipes! I think I’ll get copies for my Mom & sisters for Christmas! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Thanks for providing the opportunity to enter a world unknown. I believed these characters were real and felt privileged to have the inside glimpse of Indian-American life. A well-crafted book that I honestly struggled to put down.

Karen, Nova Scotia

A truly fantastic read! Realistic characters, thought-provoking, and so humane. Really enjoyed the book, particularly the deeply sensitive relationships between the mothers and daughters. When is the next book coming out?

Hi Monica, I really enjoyed the book. It was unputdownable. I guess it will bring a sense of deja vu for all Indians wherever in the world they have migrated to.

What a beautiful, fascinating book! It was so good I read it in a day! I agree with other comments: I wish I could run out and buy the sequel! I especially loved your descriptions of Indian culture, traditions and ceremonies. (As an aside, I also work in finance, and I can relate to your desire to get out! After reading this book, I’m very glad you escaped! :) ) Anyway, thank you for a wonderful, informative read, which will now be one of my lifelong favorites!

Thank you for this fantastic book. I am neither Indian or American but having travelled in India (1989) – I hold any Indian-related stories close to my heart. I am also a Home Economics teacher, and dare I say love Indian food – so I had so many joys all at the one time reading your book. My friend Sha read your book at the same time, and she has already left you a note, telling you of our plans to travel to India to celebrate her 40th birthday. Thank you for putting so much joy in my head and heart with your facinating story telling. I look forward to part 2 – I hope there will be one! Lynda

I loved your book! Thank you ! I have been very inspired by the recipes. Will invite friends over for Indian food next weekend. Janecke from Oslo, Norway.

Incredible. I am 1/8th Hindu Indian, and haven’t had any exposure (other than Indian restaurants, the curry my mother made, and some bits and pieces here and there) to anything Indian. Fascinating! I am going to rush out and learn more about my heritage! Loved, loved, loved it! I want more! Can’t wait for your next book!

Your book was a joy to read. As a fairly dominant mother, I’m trying really hard not to be a brick wall with my grown-up children. I’m off to southern India in a couple of weeks (and having my 60th birthday there), and your book has fueled my excitement even more than before. Can’t wait to get on the plane.

Lynda, New Zealand

This was by far one of the most enlightening, entertaining, and brain-boggling books I’ve read till date…and I’ve read many! H-BC is definitely in my top 5 favourite books because it’s simply outstanding. The way you brought out the POVs of the old heads compared to their American-Indian children is astounding and very realistic. Something a person can relate to. I’m at a loss of how to explain my appreciation of this outstanding novel. I absolutely love love love this book! Also, I’ve been searching high and low for some good Indian recipes, now I have a good place to start! Thank you so much for this enlightening passage to and from the opposite lands and for showing that how could there possibly be two “ends” of the world, when Earth is a round thing?! We are all one and the same in the End.

I absolutely loved this book. I got it from my best friend, she gave it to me after I was always telling her that I felt that my mother’s strict Mexican-rooted thoughts and beliefs were driving me crazy! I found it so amazing how I could relate with so many things that these women struggled with their mothers. Thank you for this wonderful book!

I just finished your book…I enjoyed it very much. Being the daughter of parents who came here from India and married to an “American,” I could relate to so much in the book. Some things were ditto to my own thoughts. Thanks for a wonderful book.

great book. please write another one. best wishes.

I bought this book for the recipes, but now I’m halfway through and in love! I’m a Buddhist, and have been interested in Hinduism because of its relationship to Buddhism. I’m learning tons. I am also interested in all of the history this book gives us. With all of the learning going on- this is a great story too. I hope we’ll hear lots more from you.

I just finished reading your book. I loved it. I was refreshing to read something I could relate to. At times I felt this book was about me and my mother. Thanks for the great read.

Your book was simply profound. It reminded me of my relationship with my mother (who passed on 2 years ago). It reminded me how cherished the mother-daughter relation is. Thank you for bringing “wonder in life” back.

Hi Monica, I enjoy reading books, especially on these lines. Your book is amazing and it keeps the reader craving for more. I simply just loved each and every page, and honestly was reading it so slowly as I didn’t want it to end. One can really relate to each daughter or mother in it. The sentiments and feelings are same irrelevant of the fact which religion one belongs to. I’m 29 yrs old, married, and all throughout this wonderful journey I kept remembering my mom. In short pls write more books like this one. Looking forward to more novels from your end. Cheers!

Fabulous! Made me laugh, cry, reminisce……everything a great book should be and more! My bro gave me the book on a long journey back to London from a family-reunion in Kerala. I am a Malayali, born in Germany, brought up in the Middle-East, and trained (medic–surprise, surprise;) in the UK. It’s been a long while in my nomadic life since I’ve felt this home-sick. Thanks for reaffirming the joys and sorrows of family life. Have already recommended it to my ’sorority sisters’ and can’t wait for another installment. All the best!

I absolutely loved this book, I have always had a facination with India which I share with my best friend, we have been planning for years to visit India for my 40th. The recipes are fantastic, can’t wait to start cooking. Reading this book has given me a lovely escapism needed at moment due to my own family issues. Looking forward to your next book???

I also have the same wonderful compliments of all the readers, a truly magical journey and I thank you for taking us all there with you. My one wish is that it will not be another four years before we can come on our next journey with you, wherever that will be. I fell in love with India doing the hippy trail back in the late 70’s. I went back in 2005 and although it was a much different India that greeted me, I was still just in awe of the whole county. Your descriptions of their cities brought back the most wonderful memories. Please don’t keep us waiting too long Monica.

Thank you so much for this wonderful book. I enjoyed the story and the characters so much. I also learned more about the partition which I did not know so much about. Reading the story made me crave Indian food, and I am so glad your recipes were included. But I mostly appreciate that your story was interesting and fun and light with just a bit of seriousness mixed in. I have a very low tolerance for tragedy and violence in a story, so I was a little nervous b/c other books about Indian culture have been very good stories, but with too many casual and not-so-casual references to violent acts. I appreciate and thank you for keeping your book a fun and enjoyable read, just touching on some serious topics without too much detail or graphic description. I look forward to reading your next book!

WHAT A BOOK (hummed along to the tune of the popular 90’s salt n pepper song- Watta Man, watta man, watta a mighty good man )

This year brought with it a resolution to read more books by Indian authors amongst our friend circle in a town 90 miles east of Chicago (cold weather lends itself to tons of great “curl up in bed with a good book days”). Keeping with that spirit, one of my closest friends here gifted me 2 books for my birthday. One was the highly acclaimed & awarded – The Inheritance of Loss and the other was The Hindi-Bindi Club. The cover with a bare sari clad navel prompted me to read your book first (it didn’t hurt that I have a similar sari and nostalgia won out). Am I glad I made that choice? It took me a weekend to finish it and that too only because I had a houseful of guests and a housewarming party to host. I kept sneaking off to my room to read it and stayed up / got up at all hours to finish it.

The book is fresh, unpretentious with a soul larger than the number of pages it lasts. I am the new crop of Hindi-Bindi Club holders and can identify with so many of the stories you told. You did with warmth and humor, choosing not to make it a sob fest. The inter-mingling of Indian sub-cultures you showcased also struck a chord as I am a Sikh girl, married to a Bong and raised in Bombay. The places, people & dishes you describe all spoke to me.

I, too like the author, am a working professional (with double masters) who loves the art of writing but is still building up the courage to let all her creative juices out. Monica, you my friend, just may have done the trick. I plan to kick off a book club in my area and plan to have The Hindi-Bindi Club be the first ever book we talk about !

Thank you for the experience and keep on writing …

I bought your book to take with me on a holiday to France. It was a great success! I kept on reading, while enjoying the sun. I hope the book wil be translated into Dutch, my native language, so I can read it with my bookclub. Also, I feel I learned a lot about Indian culture and the partition. Looking forward to your second novel!

Got this book out of the library but will be out for a copy for myself today!!!! Can’t wait for the next one and the next and the next …. wonderful!

What an excellent book! I truly enjoyed reading “The Hindi-Bindi Club” because I too am the daughter of parents who immigrated to America from India. I picked the book up at the library and when I brought it home, my mom caught sight of the title and decided that she had to read it too. Ms. Pradhan, you’ve told it exactly how it is down to the pronunciation of words (ime-jet-ly Haha), the expressions and jokes said at home (Arre baba) and the descriptions of all the tasty dishes (I love kheer!). Wow, I can totally connect with this book and all your colorful characters. Thank you so much! I look forward to reading your next work of literature. Take care, Simone

An excellent book, I have recommended it to all my friends and family, please give us more!

Wow! I loved the flavor of your book and the terrific recipes. Thank you. When is the movie coming!!

Loved every minute of the book, sleep was secondary! My husband loves the recipes, he’s always been the Indian cook. Does it the hard way, grinds, chops minces etc. etc.

What a great book! I randomly picked it up at a bookstore a few weeks back & read the entire thing in 2 days! Being a UK-born desi, I could definitely relate to the experiences of Rani, Preity & Kiran. I could also see many of my mother’s qualities in their mothers… A fabulous read! Looking forward to the next one already!

I just finished reading your book and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I can’t wait to try the recipes out. I’m currently learning Hindi and found this book very enlightening as to the Indian culture. Great job!

Just finished your book and I loved it. I am married to a man from Mumbai and your book has given me many insights into his family — even after 19 years of marriage. Will be trying your recipes and sharing the book with my family. Thanks!

Dear Monica,

Your book hit so close to home for me on so many levels, I can’t even begin to tell you. However, the part about cilantro was priceless. If I had a nickel for every time my mom asked me to pick up an ingredient or vegetable from the supermarket, her speaking to me in Punjabi, me speaking back in English and using hand gestures, *sigh*. If I could only tell you about the time she left me a 10 minute voicemail message asking me to pick up corn meal, describing the color of the box, what other products it would be beside, which aisle in Safeway it would be in, etc, etc. Sadly, I lost my mom a couple of years ago, but your book gave me the chance to channel some very happy memories, for that, I am forever grateful, thank you.

Monica, your book was wonderful! I picked it up in a bookstore in an airport and I read it on an 18-hour plane ride to India. The younger characters in your book (Rani, Preity & Kiran) lead lives very similar to my own, and I saw many similarities between us. At first I thought your book might be chick-flick kind of literature, but I found that it was incredibly deep. I loved the funny yet serious tone of the novel. Great Job!

The Sabnis family are well and happy and fortunately Charda recommended this wonderful novel to me thru Madhavi. I DEVOURED it. Monica, I was destroyed to finish it and only consoled to believe that there will be another. Thank you for taking me into a new world through your eyes and soul.

Wow, what a fantastic book. I am SO enjoying reading it…. I’m nearing the end now, and I have slowed down because I don’t want to get to the end I’m REALLY looking forward to your next book !!!

I loved the book from the word go… Read it in one sitting. Started Friday evening after dinner, finished 3:40am… It was me…in there at times, or my friends, just a perfect picture of us … girls who want the best of the both worlds. Well my daughter is only 12, so I am heading for the Kiran/Rani stage soon. I will be promoting the book to all my friends here … down under in New Zealand and definitely waiting for your next book. Thank you Monica.

Loved your book, it gives an insight to Indian culture and the way things change. Can’t wait for your next book.

I have always been an avid reader, but have not read much for pleasure in the past few years while I was in graduate school. This was the first book I read just for fun since graduation! Loved it! The title caught my eye because my husband and I have several Indian friends who have so graciously allowed us a little peek inside their culture. The book made me laugh, because so many of the things that Kiran, Rani, and Preity said I have heard coming from the mouths of our American-born Indian friends. One of our most fascinating experiences was attending the 4-day Hindu wedding of one of these friends. Another friend is currently “dating” a girl he met on an Indian matchmaking website! Everything in the book reminded me how lucky my husband and I are to have been exposed to this culture!!

I just finished your book today. It took me three days, I devoured it like sambar with idli (I have forgiven you not having any south indian recipes in the book…. it can’t be ALL things to ALL people). I am a NRA…. non resident american who has been living in India for the past two years learning bharatanatyam. (shooting for my arangetram in early ‘09.) I visited family for two and a half months in the spring…during which time I studied dance with an NRI in Atlanta. I feel like I know every character in this book. I already mailed it off to Subathra in Atlanta (six hundred rupees!?? that’s outrageous), I think she will enjoy it a great deal also. Alongside LADIES COUPE by Anita Nair it’s my favorite book this year. Best wishes.

I happened upon this website by accident, but I am so happy I did! I have not read this book yet, but based on the reviews I’m going to buy it tomorrow. As a white woman married to an Indian man, I love to read anything involving Indian people, food and culture. His family is very traditional and I am so grateful that they accept me as one of them. I just know I will love the book and thank you for writing it and including recipes!

When I first looked at your book, I thought it would be another book that I would fly through and forget, but now that I’ve finished, it’s a book that I will never forget. I found myself nodding, laughing, agreeing and relating to it on so many levels. (Thank you)

Your book had all the right ingredients, making it perfect: humor, masala, masti, recipes, culture, love, friendship, relationships, family, jealousy, struggle, understanding, believable characters, and tons of history. (Thank you)

I bought this book, before boarding my trip to England. I was not able to put the book down, on the plane, upon arrival, in between lazy days at my relatives’ homes, and on my flight back. I cannot tell you how wonderfully poetic and emotional this book was. To read about all the women and their individual and collective stories seamlessly woven into one fantastic novel! Eagerly awaiting more from you, and as many have commented, it was sweet sorrow to not have these characters be a part of my life as this novel will stay with me.

I bought the book a few days back and can’t put it down. I am really enjoying it and don’t want to finish it too fast. Whatever I’ve read so far is just amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed a book this immensely!! Great job Monica….when is the next novel coming out…?

Thank you. What a beautiful story of three mothers and their daughters and the various cultures that intertwine them all. And the food element is such a part of culture… thank you so much for including the wonderful recipes that I cannot wait to try. I used to love the movies Eat, Drink, Man, Woman and Tortilla Soup with their themes of food and parent-child relationships, but this book takes up so many notches. I am not Indian or from a recent immigrant family, but being a daughter trying to establish her own identity, I understand the bond of love and challenge between daughter and mother. I miss my mom more than ever now and try to call more often! Like another reader said, I have never been so sad to say good-bye to the characters, but my heart felt good with such a passionate ending.

PS: I have never left a comment for any other book, but I had this urge to say something, thank Monica for this experience. I was so grateful when I saw Monica’s letter at the end and the invitation to the web site.

There is so much I want to say about this book, it made me cry, not at the end but from the start! I could relate to so much of it, and I also learnt a great deal, about my heritage, about myself. Thank you Monica for this gem, I wish I had read it ten years ago, I wish someone had said to me then that “Just because people don’t love you the way you want, doesn’t mean they don’t love you the best they can.” I have learnt this for myself over the years, but my life would have been a lot easier if I had known it back then!!!!! THANK YOU!

I can’t tell you how much I love it…. I am an immigrant to Australia and I relate so much to this book. I cried when I was reading it at several places. I am so like Meenal in so many ways…emotional and have a husband like Yash, tough but sensitive and practical. I have bought a few copies and have gifted to some of my other immigrant friends in the country.

I truly enjoyed your book–I will highly recommend it to everyone I know…it was so interesting I found myself re-reading the chapters…one of the best books I have read by far, and I am an avid reader. Thank you!

I absolutely loved this book. For me the characters came to life in my mind before there was even a real description of them. I enjoyed learning about the culture, and craved Indian food every time I picked it up. Mothers and daughters across the board truly do experience the same ups and downs in their relationships; no matter where they come from or what their beliefs are. I highly recommend this book and look forward to more books by this enlightening author.

I could not put down this book! I read it in a day, and I LOVED it!! It was funny, brilliant, warm and covered so many topics that we can all relate to. I wanted to know more about all the characters, and I really hope there will be a sequel! Thank you, Ms. Pradhan!! Bravo!!

I loved this book! I laughed, I cried, I got really hungry! It’s really an awesome read. I have been singing its praises to all my book loving friends. I have never really known anything about the Partition of India. Your book has made me want to read not only about this, but also the Koran. The book I read was from the library, but this is definitely a book that I will purchase and cherish in my own library. Can’t wait for the next one!

Just finished your book. Liked it and loved your presentation of thoughts. We migrated to this country in 70’s and can relate to most of the incidents. I liked the insight to the children’s thoughts which, read as a third person, can help to understand our own children. My daughter will be coming home from college soon for a week, and I will definitely ask her to read your book. I will definitely recommend this book to all my friends, and I bet we are going to have lot of discussions on this. Good luck for your next creation.

It has been a while since I last read a book, but when I saw The Hindi-Bindi Club in the store, I had to buy it. With a one-year-old and twin seven-year-old boys at home on summer break, I can’t believe how fast I read it. I LOVED IT!!! Couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to try the recipes. Congratulations on a job well done.

Monica, I finished reading your book this morning and loved it! I happened to come across it at the library and of course the title caught my eye. The recipes were a bonus and I have already tried a few with success I am told. I am a thirty something first generation Indian-American born to parents who moved to the US from India in the 70’s. My parents decided to move us back to India in the 90’s when I was 13. I did my high school there and then came back for college and have lived here (the States) since then. While in India, and then when I came here for college I “dated” my then “boyfriend” now husband. I married an Indian man, and I’m wondering why none of the girls (Preity, Kiran or Rani) ended up marrying an Indian guy (not necessarily from India, but even one “born” and “brought up” here. Just a thought. I am looking forward to your next book! Thanks!

A wonderful read, I never wanted to put it aside for work or sleep. I have only one question, why did you have four of your six mother/daughter characters marry anglo/euro/white men? It feels a bit sad, a little like rejection, that not one of these daughters found love with an Indian.

Monica, I am American born of Italian heritage, was married to a North Indian Man for almost 10 years. We divorced acrimoniously in 2002. He filed for divorce 26 days before our tenth anniversary. I don’t miss him, nor do I miss the misconceptions of some of his family about Americans… “Maggie is a good girl, not like the other Americans.” I could go on and on, and that is why I loved when you wrote about the Sikh joke. I can remember my ex-husband or his sister trying to translate for me, and I never really got the jokes — possibly it was lost in translation or just not funny. I do realize that his family are all first generation and with time comes acceptance. I was the only American in the entire extended family. What I do miss is the women that I got to know and love. It was nice to read you book and for once since the divorce remember all the happy times. I have a son who is nine and does not acknowledge his desi heritage in any way, and I hope this will change. Thank you for such a nice way to remember. Fondly, Margaret

I am reading your book at the moment and found it to be thoughtful, funny, smart and really captures the spirit of young and older Asian women who have lived in or are born into a western society.

Dear Monica, I’m still reading The Hindi-Bindi Club, and I LOVE IT! I’ve never read a book about women from India before. Now, that’s all I want to read about (after I finish Hindi-Bindi Club!!). I plan on cooking some of the fabulous recipes – thank you for the recipes, it makes the book even more special – and reading about the culture and customs and spirituality of India. Thank you so much for introducing a whole new world (or country, rather) to me. I can’t wait to be a part of it. Please keep writing! Sincerely, Carol

Hi Monica, I loved loved this book. I could relate in so many ways. I was born here in the U.S. to parents born in India. The marriage topic is one I try and avoid with them…as I am of “marrying age.” Either way it was a great read….looking forward to a second…hopefully!!


What a fabulous book — It is my dream to be the very first ‘Bollywood’ British girl!! Growing up in Bahrain and moving to Florida at 19 changed all paths of life for me — I loved this book the moment I picked it up in Target in West Palm Beach! When will the next book be out ??

I will now go home and hand this book on to my mum — a true treasure! X

Congratulations on a successful launch! Your book struck a chord with me, both as the wife of an Indian, and as a new novelist.

I had just finished reading “The Namesake” and “The Kite Runner” and was looking for another book by an SE Asian author at a local bookstore when I came upon your book, “The Hindi-Bindi Club.” The humor in the name caught my eye. Once I started reading, I could hardly put it down. Along with the fascinating fictional story, I learned a great deal about Indian culture and history.

My husband is sales manager and V.P. for a couple of start-up companies here in Oregon which are run by a wonderful young Indian woman. Her father owns the main company in Pune. I was finally able to go with my husband to India this last February and loved it! We visited coffee plantations near Bangalore and flew up to Pune, and I met so many wonderful people. I wish I had read this book before going. Now I want to learn more about Indian history, and I plan to try some of your recipes, especially since they are drawn from the food of three Indian states.

I’m delighted to learn that you are working on another book and will look forward to reading it.

It was such a beautiful book. I have just finished it and feel so full of emotion at the sheer beauty of your writing. It’s been 15 years since I left India for England and reading your book makes me yearn to go home!

I soooo enjoyed your book – The relationship between mothers and daughters is the same the world over, yours however was enriched by the culture and the food. I want my daughter to read it – and everyone else I talk books with. Thank you for a wonderful read.

Your book took me through many an early (5 a.m.) morning at the gym, on the treadmill; I only allowed myself to read it there, thus changing my treadmill time from something dreaded to something anticipated! Thank you for letting me share your world with you these past couple of weeks. I very much look forward to hearing more from you.

P.J. Hamel

P.S. I’m a cookbook author – your recipes are awesome! Very well-written and enticing.

I just finished the book. I wish there was a sequel or a movie. I want to hear, read, see more of Meenal, Uma, Saroj, Kiran, Preity, and Rani. I loved all the characters. Thank you for sharing this beautiful book with us. I’ve been lucky enough to visit India a few times and this book brought back so many of the sights, sounds and scents (good and bad) for me. The one thing that always struck me about India is how powerful and feminine the women are. How do they do it? Can you share that secret?

I was totally enthralled by your novel! In the publishing world of “mass appeal” and formulaic works, yours was a breath of fresh air. I was once involved with an Indian Muslim man and his family story was fascinating. Because of his story, I had always wondered about the history surrounding the great Indian immigration of the 60’s. Your blending of fiction and fact has further encouraged me to read more on this historical subject. I am very much looking forward to your next book! Thanks for writing such a beautiful and original work!

My mom and I are best friends, so when I saw your book, and read that it was about that special bond, I just had to have it! I had no idea what a gem it truly was!!!!

I found myself relating to all the women, but more so Rani. I suffer from clinical depression also, so I know how debilitating it can be. I know she was only a fictional character but it was reassuring to know that I’m not alone in my suffering and to see this illness brought to light in such a positive way, removing a lot of the stigma attached to it. I loved your book for so many reasons and was sad to finish it. However I couldn’t wait to pass it on to my mom and see if she loved it as much as I did!

I can’t wait to try the amazing recipes! Thanks again for this amazing book! Can’t wait to see what you come out with in the future!

Just started your book and I love it already…can’t wait to finish…when I saw it at Target/USA I knew I had to buy it…2 years ago I became friends with an Indian who has taught me how to cook “Indian” and about the customs and culture of India…I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did I’d believe I’d been an Indian in a former life. I am enchanted and enthralled by all things Indian.

My friends and I are avid readers, and you can rest assured they’ll all be hearing about your book! I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed it, recipes and all. Your very different characters and their complex relationships are beautifully drawn, compelling.

Thanks also for bringing to my attention the Room to Read charity – what a worthy cause! I hope to sponsor a reading room in the near future.

Best regards,

I just got this book for my 18th birthday from a friend. I think it was the perfect time to get it too. It’s great and I absolutely loved it.

Hi, I just came back from India and I was nostalgic, so I decided to buy a book. I went to the library and my eyes met your book. I bought your book today hoping to find some fresh air…The cover of your book called me, it was like a little voice saying, come on read me I’m sure you will smile after that. I did not start to read it yet but as soon as I do I will leave my impression.

Best regards,

I loved this book. My first love is reading. My second love is reading cookbooks. This was the perfect book. I couldn’t put the book down so I stayed up most of the night reading it. I can’t wait to start cooking. You are a blessing to all of us. Keep writing!!!

Monica, I am almost done reading your beautiful book…..I am sad to finish it. There are so many parts I could relate to as I was reading…. You capture so well the feelings and experiences in our culture. There is so much wisdom in your words. Please write another great book soon and just keep on writing….

Dearest Monica,
I love your book. It is incredible and you write so beautifully. I was born in Calcutta and adopted when I was 3 months old. I grew up in the US. I have made only one trip back to India so far and cannot wait to return. I loved reading and learning more about Indian culture and even more so, Indian women. Thank you for inviting me in.

God Bless you,

Namaste! Your book is THE ONE I’ve been waiting for! As an American enthralled with all things Indian since childhood, I can’t thank you enough for writing this. Your insights, the recipes, help with pronunciation…not to mention SUCH a wonderful read…what a gem! For years I’ve been attempting to learn Hindi, to cook traditional Indian dishes & to master the art of mehndi…(I MUST have been Bengali, Punjabi or Gujarati in a previous life!)…and you have renewed my enthusiasm. Tell me, is it wrong for me to wear a sari or a bindi? Congrats on a job well done! Eagerly awaiting your next release…


I got the Hindi Bindi Club while randomly looking for books by Indian origin authors. I bought 5 books and they were to be gifts for our friends we were visiting in the US. We are in Singapore. My friend smiled when she started reading this book and we last spoke two days back and she was still happy about the book and we are still friends. In short, I now have to buy a copy for myself and feel happy. Will look forward to your next book. Thanks for writing a good one.

Hey!! I absolutely loved your book!! I’m sure u’ve heard that a lot here..but reallyy..I lovedd this book…I was dubious when I started reading this book…’coz some of the other books that I read did not really represent India in the right way…the whole thing wasn’t there…and as an immigrant from India myself…(came here 3 yrs ago) I used to get so irritated and annoyed…but your book was just totally awesome….I actually borrowed this book from a library ((I don’t like owning books as I don’t usually read books that I’ve read before)) but now I’m going to buy the book as soon as I can!! ‘coz I loved it…and feel like I can read it as many times as I want!!!

Hi Monica, I was just referred to your book by DD, aka Dixon, and I was interested in reading it. Added it to my list. Will you be attending the writers conference hosted by RWA in NJ? I would love chatting with you about the concept of your book. I’m working on a few projects involving the clash of east and west, and I would love to compare notes.

I picked up this book expecting simply a fun, light read for vacation. What a great surprise– a complex, beautiful book with so much heart! I just finished the book, and I’m looking forward to trying the recipes, too!

Thank you so much for writing this beautiful story. I could not put it down from the moment I purchased it. My fiance is South Indian, and I love to read anything Indian that I can get my hands on. I can totally identify with Texas John, in that I am an American woman with the heart of an Indian woman. The trials we go through just to be together make it that much sweeter to me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this! I hope you will write more!


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this multi-cultural experience! I first saw this book at the store, but didn’t buy it during my normal errand run. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about how wonderful it sounded so I rushed back the next day specifically to get it!

I was particularly drawn to Kiran’s, Uma’s, Preity’s and Rani’s stories. Years ago, in college, I had a five-year relationship with a first generation Punjabi boy. At the time, I really didn’t understand many of the stories and traditions he explained to me about Indian culture and family values. Perhaps the stress of a cross-cultural relationship was too much for us then, but I’d like to think both his family and I grew from the experience.

Now when I hang out with my Indian girl-friend and hear the much refrained “because that’s how it’s done in Indian culture,” I understand she’s not avoiding the issue or evading an explanation; it’s really a simple way to combine centuries of cultural beliefs, superstitions, parental lessons, etc. that roll into forming the complex myriad of her heritage. Thank you so much for enriching my continued cross-cultural education!

Dear Monica, Your book was absolutely delicious to the last page!!! I’m not looking for a sequel per say, just another fortifying book filled with complex characters. Yummmm!!

I lived in South India way back in the 50’s (you can guess how old I am!) and married a Tamilian. I had a wonderful reading your book and relating to so much of it. Looking forward to your next one! I also do a lot of Indian cooking and plan to try some of your recipies. Thanks for that too!

Dear Monica,
I have just finished reading your beautiful book. Thank you so much! I was moved to tears on a number of occasions (rare for me!), and really loved your characters. I am an Anglo-Saxon Australian and, typical of my generation and upbringing, knew very little of India’s culture and particularly her history. I really appreciated learning about those things from your book and the gentle manner in which they were presented to your readers. I can’t wait to try all your recipes and I look forward to your follow up publication!

I just finished the book and left it for my mother to read. I loved the story and the recipes. The way that you were able to move through each person’s story was excellent. I hope that you will have other “Hindi-Bindi” novels with more recipes soon.

Thank you for such a wonderful book! My sister (maiden name McIntosh) will be marrying an Indian immigrant soon, and she bought this book for my mother. She loved it and passed it on to me. It helped so much to see into the lives of Indian immigrant families. What a beautiful culture! My sister will be having dual Christian/Hindu wedding ceremonies as Kiran and Preity did. We all can’t wait, and now we understand a little more where his family is coming from, they having also lived through Partition and resettled in Mumbai. Thank you again for a wonderful book, I can’t wait to read your next one!

Thank you Thank you for the best story I’ve read in ages! I read your book in every spare moment I had for the last two days. I just moved from my home in Northern VA (where I lived for 20 years) and your book made me so “homesick” for my Indian friends (and their wonderful parties) that I left behind there.

I loved your book and the appealing recipes (which I will be trying). I’ll be watching for your next novel. As a teacher, I was fortunate to visit India in summer of 2006, and while in Mumbai, our group spent a morning at Aseema. We were all very touched by their organization. Your author’s note has prompted me to support their noble efforts.

My mother and I decided to have mother-daughter cross-country book reading, and we chose this book. What a wonderful read! It is all we have discussed for weeks. Thank you so much for letting us into this world. It has strengthened our relationship.

Oh WOW!! What a fabulous book! Born and raised in America, I have been fascinated with Indian culture since elementary school. Yes, I think I was Indian in a former life. Growing up in the 60’s, seeing Indian women in saris were an exotic treat. As an adult, one of my closest friends is Indian, and I can’t wait to speak with her about this book! More important than the cultural aspect is the blanket of relationships Monica has woven for us. Your book is incentive to deepen relationships with the important females in my life.

Thank you for a gem of a book. Looking forward to the sequel!

Just wanted to say great book! I really enjoyed it! As a first generation Indian, growing up in Canada it’s been challenging at times dealing with East and West and coming to a balance. And now that I’m getting older and hit with issues like marriage etc., it’s nice to read about others’ experiences in a nice fun way. Thanks!

Just loved this book! As a writer, I wish I could write such fiction that reads like life; as someone convinced she has lived in India in a previous life, I couldn’t put the book down. Since I am an expatriate: born in Panama, have Dutch nationalty and at the moment live in the States, I can relate. Because I’m fascinated by anything Indian and have read anything that I can get my hands on about India, your book was a gift. When I lived in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, I met and made friends within the Indian community, which is mostly of Sindhi descent. Because of these friendships: I am vegetarian Mondays and Thursdays, celebrate Diwali and fast on full-moons. Lord Ganesh has a place in my home and yoga is my anti-stress secret. Indian food is my favorite, so your recipes will be put to good use! Will treasure this book and await your next one.

Thank you Ms. Pradhan for writing this book. I throughly enjoyed it. I always like to explore what other cultures are like and what they represent. This book gave me a glimpse into the hindu culture and mother-daughter relationships within the culture. Bring on Part TWO!

P.S. what does Kai Bai Punyachi tariff, lavanga nighalya bareek mean?

What a wonderful book. I hadn’t seen any publicity about this, I just happened to be in a reading mood and went to the bookshop and there it was on new releases.

I am 6th generation Australian… nothing exotic about our family, no cultural clashes, no worries about how to behave and what is acceptable. So I guess that’s why I love reading other people’s stories. I have visited India twice. Once as a tourist (I couldn’t wait to leave although I did appreciate, I had never been O/S before and I guess landing in Varanasi as my first 3rd world country experience was just too much) however my second trip was to experience a dear friend’s wedding.

Ever since, I have had a facination with the east meets west situation, and your book summed up my own experiences. Unknown to me, the white girl at the wedding, I didn’t realise how much I was ‘breaking’ the rules of boy/girl interaction… hanging out and talking with the boys (I was a groom’s guest) instead of the women. But also to talk to the girls and try to comprehend their lifestyle… their needs to find a husband, and the wonderful family feelings. As an outsider to this lifestyle… it was wonderful. I wish we had this and it all rings so true in your book. How I would love to have some wedding / marriage traditions other than the Groom’s family pays for the booze! (Australian thing!)

Thank You!

Hi Monica, when my husband picked up your book a day ago and insisted on buying it for me I was not too sure about actually reading it. Of course, once I started, I couldn’t put it down and this morning I was done…

My husband and I have just moved to the US a couple of months ago and still have a lot to discover about life in this country. I am Indian, he is French. Although I was ‘born and brought up’ in India, I could identify in part with the girls, having shared similar experiences. Having lived outside India for the last few years, I am afraid that I will also turn out to be a bit like the three mothers (!), as I am often struggling to find the right balance between preserving my own identity and embracing new cultural influences…

When I put down your book this morning, I was just disappointed not being able to read about Saroj’s trip to Lahore. I would like to think that she did go, as you gave us Zarkha’s recipe at the end…

The recipes make your book a treasure. Will look out for your next one…Thanks.

Dear Monica,
I am on page 291. Bought the book the day before yesterday–and cannot put it down. I have been totally engrossed in this mother/daughter world and each individual character. It’s so culturally specific but universal at the same time…a great book. And I am amazed at your own story as a businesswoman cum writer. Brava!!

Thank you Monica for a wonderful read. I am the granddaughter of immigrants, thus a bit removed from the first generation experience but I have always been fascinated by how the first generation deals with the dualities of culture, country and religion. I have visited India several times, while I lived in Afghanistan and later as a Pan Am flight attendant and without a doubt it is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. Can’t wait for your second effort!

Loved your book. Really enjoyed it. Don’t want to repeat all of the same compliments as your other readers, but as a fellow writer, I know it’s important to tell you how impressed I was. All I can say is: More, please. More.

Hi Monica.

I just finished The Hindi Bindi Club and I must say that you covered so much of what it is to grow up in North America as a South Asian woman. I like the vision of what it could be if people could only see each other as who they are as a person instead of their colour and culture. It’s something to shoot for.

I am also an writer – as of two years ago. I’m having fun and I hope that I can also leave a legacy of what it is to live in this multi-cultural modern world.

It can be a celebration.

This is one of the best books I have ever read! I read all the time – at least 1-2 books per week, usually more. Some books are OK, some rather compelling, but a little tedious, and others are just plain bad! But not The Hindi-Bindi Club. The concept of including recipes “from the characters” and mixing it up with the use of the e-mails in this book made for a novel that I simply could not put down! This is a fantastic book and I would love a “Part 2″!

Thank you Ms. Pradhan for putting so much of your time and love into this book. It is truly one of my favorites and will be a treasured volume on my bookshelves!

Monica…I finished reading your beautifully spiced novel five minutes ago. I honestly can relate to all the female characters in this book but especially Kiran, Preity and Rani. It’s been incredibly long since I have picked up a book that I can relate to culturally and get excited about it! Thank you for bringing me back home and above all…making me look forward to your next novel and more enticing recipes. I just bought my sister your book and can’t wait to send it to her for her birthday. You have inspired me to start our own little book club. All the best to you! -Mina

First, thank you for sharing your girls and their mothers with us! We appreciate and represent the diversity you so beautifully wrote about in The Hindi-Bindi Club. We are as different as curries can be, but share a common spice; we are all married to military men. Binding us regardless ~Ha! Thank you again for encouraging us to share our journeys with each other.

Katie Lee

It’s been a very long time since I read a book cover to cover. Thanks Monica. The subject is close to my heart…immigrant with two young daughters and inter-cultural marriage. Got my brain and emotions churning. At the same time, you’ve managed to write it in such a readable way. Loved it. Can’t wait till your next one…hope it’s soon.

My husband actually picked it out for me to read from the library, and now I can’t stop talking his ear off about it. And my 5 year old daughter can’t stop saying the title, ‘the hindi-bindi club’ in her very american accent. It fascinates her to no end.

Monica -
Your book is one of the most beautiful books I’ve read ( and I’ve read hundreds!) I enjoyed it immensely. I couldn’t put it down and now I’m sorry I’ve finished it so quickly. You are truly a talented writer. Thank you for taking 4 years of your life to write this book. I for one definitely appreciate it. I hope there is another one coming soon. Best wishes.

I stayed up late last night reading this book and am so sad to be finished. My family moved to the US from the UK when I was a teenager, so there are some similarities (and many differences also.) Thank you and keep writing!

Thank you Ms. Pradhan for sharing with us a country and a culture that is so close to your heart. I could feel your love for this country in your description of the food, language, and the local landscape of India. There are so many wonderful things I could say about your book. Many have already been said :0) Suffice it to say this will be one of the few books that I will look forward to reading again and again, learning something new about myself and the world I live in each time.

Thank you again,

I have to say I loved your book and plan to share it with my girls Pooja and Shelly. Your writing captured me and I laughed at the “OMG! That is SO true” moments where you recognize your friends and family. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight with everyone! When will there be another book?? Take care and thank you again Monica.

Very best regards,

Your book was a pleasure to read. I enjoyed the characters and their stories so much. The mother-daughter relationships are particularly poignant for me because I am dealing with a mother who is slipping into some kind of confusion or dementia and has decided to be angry with me for unknown reasons and refuses to talk to me. Thank you for lifting my spirits. The recipes are great, and I will try some of them. I have done some Indian cooking before through one of my yoga teachers. I did have one memorable boo boo when I mixed up the masalas – I thought I had tea masala when I was making chai tea – but alas it was not. It was very hot and my husband was quite surprised!

Phew! Finished reading the book. and what a book it was! It’s going off the shelves REALLY fast! I am not going to get into how good the book was. Everyone is already talking about that. I do have a question, though. When, when, when are you coming out with the next one? Please hurry, can’t wait to read one more, lots more, from Monica Pradhan!

Dear Monica,

I love to read, but when trying to purchase books in London Heathrow, the fire alarm went off! So i couldnt buy books by familiar British authors. I got to New York, and went in to a book store…I came across your book and fascinated, I went to the cashier and paid for it. She told me your book had been sold out for days and she had just managed to put out this order! Intrigued by this strange but brilliant title, I opened the first page.

I read it with intensity, an emotional, moving, brilliant book, I could see the characters right infront of my face, like they were in my very own family. I imagined each character down to every facial feature. I was amazed that a book could do this to me at such a young age, I’m 19, I was hypnotised by your writing, the words you used, and the subtle differences in your writing as each character changed.I was hooked on to this book, reading it from cover to cover within a matter of hours.

The recipes have made my mother smile. Im planning to make a meal for her (something I have never done before) from this book, with the chocolate sandesh truffles for dessert. I am going round to all my family and friends recommending this book, as it touched my heart. I can’t relate to it yet, but I am sure glad to have some insight for the future. Thank you for writing such a beautiful novel.

I only bought this book yesterday and (sadly) I’m already done! What a beautiful book! I have to be honest–your title is deceptively fun and cutesy…I bought it thinking it would be fun, superficial reading to pass some time. I was shocked by how moved I was. Thank you for characters like Kiran, Preity, and Rani–I feel like they are pieces of me, my sisters, my friends. And thank you for the illuminating insight you’ve given me about my parents…for a moment I was forced to see the world as they do…and now I UNDERSTAND! Your book was educational, inspiring, and moving beyond words. Thank you!

Last week, I randomly picked up the book at the store, and three days later, I couldn’t put it down! I found the book to be wonderful. Yes, similar to Amy Tan, but in a very good way. The stories progressed wonderfully, and I have to ask where on earth did you get the Chocolate-Truffle Sandesh recipe? I’m Bengali, and am definitely going to try that, and so many more of your recipes!

I loved your book and the appealing recipes (which I will be trying). I’ll be watching for your next novel. As a teacher, I was fortunate to visit India in summer of 2006, and while in Mumbai, our group spent a morning at Aseema. We were all very touched by their organization. Your author’s note has prompted me to support their noble efforts.

Oh My Gooooodddd!!! You are truly sensational and I totally am in love with your book. Indelible memories with just the right amount of masala. If I have to explain, Dot not feather in my life just one more time :-) …….

Thank You. Totally awesome.

I received the book from bookreporter.com to preview and I loved the book. I can hardly wait till your next novel is completed. I also want to try some of the recipes if I can find the ingredients.

i loved this book sooooooo much! i got it for my bday and i couldnt have gotten a better present!

I don’t think I have the vocab or the talent with words to describe how much I loved this book – housework and meals took a backseat…from the first page I was hooked . I have never hated finishing a book and saying goodbye to all the characters as much as the Hindi-Bindi Club. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Monica Pradhan for a real gem of a book – also thanks for the recipes – my husband actually made me quite a few of the Lassi while I was reading!!!!! Here’s looking forward to many many more of your books

Jenny Mortimore

I received “The Hindi-Bindi Club” as a Mother’s day gift from my husband. I loved it! I am a first generation immigrant and always wonder how my relationship is going to be with my daughters who are born in the US. Has the author thought of converting the novel into an “Ekankika” (one-act play)? I was recently a judge at the Brihan Maharashtra Mandal (North America) Ekankika Spardha (One-act play competitions) and have been looking for plays that reflect the Indian immigrant experience. Monica, if you ever think of writing a play based on your novel, would you please contact me?

Monica is a born story-teller. The story sounds extremely exciting. Since the date of release in India is not mentioned, I am getting my copy from UK.

LOVED IT…LOVED your beautiful book. I just finished and feel so sad that there aren’t more pages to read…and happy too! I plan on trying the recipes… I am German, not Indian in this life, but feel certain I was at some point. Thank you so much for the Hindi Bindi Club…. I wish I could run out and buy part two.

Most Sincerely,

Christi Bonello

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